Norka Attestation


Norka Attestation

Norka Attestation, Norka Certificate Attestation, Norka Roots Attestation

NORKA, a specialized organisation based in Kerala, has several duties towards Keralites. One of its many duties is to certify documents for Keralites. Assimilation of assistance is helpful because it can be confusing to go through the process on your own. NORKA simplified the process for Keralites that do not live in the state. Individuals can apply from anywhere, including outside of the country.

Documents are attested for many reasons. NORKA Attestation deals with the attestation of educational documents in Kerala. This HRD attestation is only done for government-approved documents, such as UGC/AICTE/NCERT. The NORKA stamps and signs the document to prove its authenticity. The department maintains a close relationship with higher authorities to assist in the attestation of educational certificates. The country of destination will determine whether the documents require attestation, apostille or both.

Why Norka Attestation is required?

  • Travelling abroad for Educational/ Employment purposes.
  • Immigration processes.
  • Admission in foreign schools/ Universities.
  • Authentication of documents from Maharashtra.

The growing literacy rate has also increased the demand for jobs, and the number of opportunities. It is important to expand the possibilities that one has. These documents serve as proof of one's academic achievements and are needed when applying for a job or enrolling in higher education. NORKA The NORKA Roots will certify educational documents when a Keralite applies for a visa, whether it is a student visa or an employment visa.

Procedure for Norka Attestation

  • To obtain a certificate of authentication, you must fill out an online form. Online attestation is faster than offline, although applicants can choose to go that route. The form must be completed with all the required details.
  • After you have completed the NORKA certificate attestation form, please submit it along with your original passport as well as all educational documents at the NORKA Department.
  • NORKA attests to the certificates of education. NORKA centres are available to collect documents.
  • The MEA in India and the embassy of your destination country attest to your document to ensure its authenticity.

What is the cost to Get NORKA Attestation?

NORKA considers certain factors when calculating the attestation fees. You can calculate the attestation fee by considering the attestation services you receive from your agency, the educational document type, and the location where you will be approaching the legalization process. Other factors include add-ons like urgent authentication or pick-up-and-drop facility. Contact our consultants to find out the prices of NORKA attestation.

The Complete Guide to Attestation Services - Get Certified Now

Certificate Attestation Services is a process that is needed in certain circumstances. The phrases "certificate apostille" and "archive apostille" are simply the attestation of your endorsements and declarations. Although it is a trademark however, there are several levels of approval and review prior to the local government giving its official sanction. By utilizing this information you'll have an accurate idea of the time it takes, and what the cost of a cycle is required to achieve something in India.

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Frequently asked questions


Why is the attestation of degree certificates required in NORKA?
Many legal and non-legal procedures rely on educational documents. Even though these documents were deemed authentic by regional and spiritual organisations, the legitimacy was not enough for higher authorities in the country or abroad. NORKA, a more prestigious and accredited organization was created as a result.

The Protector General of Emigrants, which grants permissions to a wide range of national and international legal processes, has accredited NORKA-ROOTS. The 18 countries accredit NORKA's authentication of documents and allow job-seekers entry into their country.
How many days will it take to receive NORKA certification?
The types of educational documents are varied, and so is the way they are issued. The length of time it takes for NORKA to certify a document depends on many factors, such as the educational department that the document was received from, where the document originated, and whether the university or board has requested the verification. NORKA alone will usually take between three and seven business days to certify the certificate. The embassy of the country is also a factor. For example, Saudi attestation can take several months whereas UAE embassy attestation will only take a few weeks.
Should I attest to the Originals or photocopies?
The originals are attested on the reverse. We will remove any lamination from the originals and perform the attestation. It is possible that a fragile document could be damaged. In such cases, we recommend you get a new one issued.
Is attestation possible on laminated documents?
Documents laminated cannot be attested. Remove the lamination.