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HRD Attestation

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HRD is the Indian ministry that aims to increase the literacy rate of the country. The ministry of human resources development is headed by a minister appointed by the Indian government. The ministry of Human Resource Development's primary objective is to empower education.

By raising the educational level of the government, the ministry can create the socioeconomic structure of the nation. People often relocate abroad for better living conditions and more promising career prospects due to economic hardships and limited opportunities.

Attestation is an important activity when a person travels abroad for multiple reasons. The HRD attestation is the first step to completing an embassy attestation. It is important to verify the validity of documents before traveling abroad.

What do you mean by HRD Attestation?

Human Resource Development (HRD) Attestation is recognized as the first stage of attestation processes for Educational Documents. It is performed by the concerned states HR ministry. For Example, for educational certificates from Kerala, it’s executed from Norka offices. HRD attestation is compulsory in performing MEA attestation. HRD attestation is done mainly to prove the authenticity of the educational documents by the concerned State or Union Territory.

Purposes of HRD Attestation

  • For obtaining MEA Attestation/Apostille.
  • For attesting your educational documents by the Embassy.
  • For migration purposes.
  • To obtain a work permit abroad.
  • For visa purposes.

Most educational documents require HRD attestation. Certificates, such as degrees, diplomas, HSC and SSLC certificates, require HRD attestation. Many people began to look for work and higher education abroad. Document attestation is required for international matters. HRD attestation allows the destination countries to verify the validity of the documents.

Documents Required for Doing HRD Attestation

  • Original certificate.
  • Passport copy.

The relevant authorities certify the documents as authentic. To ensure accuracy, the paperwork will be sealed and signed. The first step in the attestation of educational certificates is HRD (human resources development), and this differs depending on which certifications you are certifying.

Attestation is a legal way to verify the authenticity of certificates. HRD authentication is a way to ensure the authenticity and credibility of documents. To prevent immigrants from entering a country with fake documents, HRD attestation must be performed to prove the validity of the certificate to the destination country. HRD attestation as the first stage of attestation plays a crucial role in completing the verification process.

HRD attestation, in particular, is an important step to attest educational certificates. The HRD attestation is required for travel to abroad. It helps credential holders prove the accuracy of their records when they visit or relocate to another country. HRD certification can be obtained directly from the state where you live.

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Frequently asked questions


Why do I need an HRD Attestation?
HRD attestation should be done by candidates who are interested in studying or working abroad. All attested documents are proof of the authenticity. It also confirms to the authorities that the certificate is authentic. The requirements for this vary from country to nation, as does the reason of the visit.
How can I check the status of my HRD Attestation in India?
The Document Tracker allows the applicant to check the status of the document if they are using Alhind HRD Attestation Services. Alhind professionals assign a reference number for all applicants. The candidate can easily get updated information about the attestation process of their documents by using that reference number.
What is the Difference Between HRD Attestation and Embassy Attestation?
HRD Attestation
  • This is mandatory, as it provides an HRD stamp on all your educational documents.
  • The State HRD service performs the functions of a certificate for educational certificates, such as a mark sheet.
  • This is the first phase of the attestation process for all educational certificates.
Embassy Attestation
  • The applicant must have their documents authenticated with the respective Embassy's attestation stamp in order to receive the Embassy attestation.
  • The administration and requirements for Embassy attestation differ from one nation to another. The Embassy attestation will be done by the respective Embassy in the destination country.
  • After completing the MEA Attestation, this is the final phase for document attestation.
Does HRD Attestation require UAE?
The UAE consulate requires that the HRD attestation of the state is mandatory for the attestation educational certificates. It has been this way for the past two months. A person who is planning a trip to the UAE must first get the HRD attestation, then the MEA attestation and finally the UAE Embassy.
Does Kuwait require HRD Attestation?
State Human Resource Department Attestation for all types educational documents including commercial, personal and educational is mandatory for anyone who plans to move to Kuwait to work or study. Superb Enterprises offers hassle-free, accurate HRD attestation services for Kuwait.
Does Oman need HRD Attestation?
The State HRD Attestation procedure is required for all applicants who plan to move to Oman in order to obtain a job, to study or to fulfill any other purpose. All educational documents must be attested to ensure that they are authenticated for use in Oman. Superb Enterprises offers Human Resource Department Attestation Services for Oman to help make the process easier.
Does Qatar need HRD Attestation?
Yes, it is required that all applicants who wish to come to Qatar for employment or to study attest their documents. After the documents have been attested, applicants can use them in Qatar. SEPL's professional services are the best choice for all applicants.
Does Saudi Arabia require HRD Attestation?
HRD attestation for candidates who are planning to visit the country to study, to work or for any other purpose is required. It is also a very simple process in which the State HRD stamps its approval on the authenticity of a certificate. Alhind is an MEA approved agency that can provide you with an affordable and authentic agency.
Should I attest to the Originals or photocopies?
The originals are attested on the reverse. We will remove any lamination from the originals and perform the attestation. It is possible that a fragile document could be damaged. In such cases, we recommend you get a new one issued.
Is attestation possible on laminated documents?
Documents laminated cannot be attested. Remove the lamination.