For the document to be valid in a foreign country, attestation from the embassy of that country has to be completed from the resident country. This has been made mandatory in case of all educational, personal and commercial documents.
According to The Hague convention of 1961, legalization of certificates has been made common among the member countries and the certificate authorization carried out in one member country is accepted at the other and will be considered as Apostille attested. There are 106 countries around the globe which accepts Apostille attested documents.
An Apostille attestation only confirms the seal and signature of the certificate and ensures the certificate is genuine. It doesn’t guarantee any authorization of the content of the same.
Each country has a record for the certificates issued with name of the candidate; date of issue for Apostille. Verification of the register of certificates in the country issued will prove whether the certificate is genuine.
Apostille attestation which has been obtained as per the regulation of the convention must be accepted in the recipient country.
Documents are transferred and processed to and from the embassies to our branches in secure dockets. We use only trusted courier partners for the shipment of the documents.
Attestation will not be done on a laminated surface. We suggest you to remove the lamination and submit the documents. Removal of lamination may cause some damages to the surfaces of the certificate especially if the certificate is old. Laminations will be removed on request from the candidates.
Once your certificate has been dispatched, you will get a confirmation via email/SMS. According to the movement of the documents, you will get status messages. You can also track the status of your documents online on www.alhindattestation.com
Once you submit your application at Alhind, we provide you with a unique number by with which you can track the status of your certificate in this portal or you can keep in touch with our customer care center or the branch you have submitted the document.
Alhind make sure the security of documents via state of the art security measures for your documents, using bar codes in separate dockets for transferring your certificates to and from the embassy/ministry. For fast and safe processing, we are transferring your documents via trusted courier partners. We have a proven track record of nil loss after handling more than 4 million documents.
We do have document collection centers in Middle East countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. You can submit your documents in those collection centers and we will send the same to India for the attestation process.
You can drop your certificate to the nearest Alhind branch. With the reference number that you receive from the branch, you can upload the documents in our website and send the scorecards to our attestation support center or the submitting branch.
As a registered panel member of Saudi Cultural Attaché and Saudi Embassy in India, We undertake the attestation of Educational, Personal and commercial documents for Saudi Arabia.
You can take a demand draft in favor of Alhind Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd payable at New Delhi and send it along with the documents. You can also pay by Net banking/NEFT or using cards through the website. Details of the same will be available on request from the branch.
The birth certificate has to be issued from the concerned Municipal Corporation/GramaPanchayat. It has to be attested from the Department of Home of the concerned state and forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs and then to the embassy. If the birth certificate is issued online, stamp from the concerned Municipal Corporation or Grama panchayat is mandatory, if the same requires Saudi Attestation.

Below list of countries accept apostille attestation:

Albania Ecuador Malaysia Slovakia
Andorra Egypt Malta Slovenia
Argentina Estonia Mauritius South Africa
Armenia European Union Mexico Spain
Australia Finland Monaco Sri Lanka
Austria France Montenegro Sultanate of Oman
Azerbaijan Georgia Morocco Suriname
Belarus Germany Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Greece New Zealand Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hungary Norway Republic of Macedonia
Brazil Iceland Panama Tunisia
Bulgaria India Paraguay Turkey
Burkina Faso Ireland Peru Ukraine
Canada Israel Philippines United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Chile Italy Poland United States of America
People's Republic of China Japan Portugal Uruguay
Costa Rica Jordan Republic of Moldova Venezuela
Croatia Korea Romania Viet Nam
Cyprus Latvia Russian Federation Zambia
Czech Republic Lithuania Serbia
Denmark Luxemburg Singapore