Saudi Attestation

Saudi attestation is a must for proving the authenticity of any document when you are preparing to visit Saudi Arabia. Attestation is mandatory here as Saudi is not the part of the Hague Convention. Hence, local home department or HRD attestation is necessary to prove the authenticity of the documents you submit. Saudi attestation strictly has to be performed through the local department and finally through the Ministry of External affairs at New Delhi.

Why you will need Saudi Attestation:

• To claim any Health benefits

• It Increases the Work Opportunities

• Gaining Employment Visa

• Attaining Admissions in Saudi Schools

• For Residential Visa

• Higher studies

Saudi Attestation for Personal Documents

Saudi Attestation for Personal Documents is done to proving the authenticity of your Personal documents and for the usage of that document in Saudi Arabia. All Personal documents attestation including salary certificate attestation, experience certificate attestation, the marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, school transfer certificate attestation and all that falls under personal certificates are generally used personal documents in Saudi Arabia.

Documents Required:

• Original Document

• Passport copy

• Pan card

Saudi Attestation for Educational Documents

Saudi Attestation for Educational Documents is done to prove the authenticity of your Educational documents and for the usage of that document in Saudi Arabia. All Diploma/Degree certificates will undergo the process. Even though it’s very complex, we make your attestation process smooth being an expert in attestation procedures. Further Alhind is appointed by Saudi Embassy and Saudi Cultural Attache for attestation of documents from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Once the documents are attested from HRD, we will process the same for MEA attestation. Also, there is a lengthy process of verification from the State Board/University where you have obtained your Degree/Diploma. Based on the positive confirmation from the university/Board, where you have studied, the documents are submitted for Cultural Attache of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. After obtaining the Saudi Cultural Attache attestation, the documents are submitted to the Embassy for attestation.

Required for Saudi Educational Certificate Attestation:

• Passport copy

• Copy of Final year mark list/consolidated scorecard

• Copy of transfer certificate

• Passport-sized photograph

• PAN Card &Aadhar Card copy

• Offer letter or Bonafide letter

• Affidavit