Personal Documents

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate attestation is a process which normally falls under the category of personal certificate attestation. Normally, a marriage certificate is a credential record which proves that two people are legally married. Also, it is a legal recognition by the governmental authority of a country that these two people are married to each other. Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory for any migration purposes. The information that this certificate includes:

• Name of the couple

• Date of the marriage

• Age of the couple

• Address of the couple

• Seal or Verification sign granted by the authority

Now, let's see what are the main need for marriage certificate attestation are:

• You will need it for applying passport for your children

• Applying for family visa from abroad countries

• To relocate from a country with your family

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Apostille is a process which normally falls under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. The birth certificate is a credential record of the birth of a child. The authentication of this legal document in other country is known to be the Birth certificate attestation/ apostille.

Why Birth certificate apostille:

• To gain higher education from a reputed foreign university

• For obtaining child visa

• For School admission

• Migration purposes

Documents required to obtain Birth Certificate Apostille:

• Original birth certificate

• Passport copy

Death Certificate

Death certificate attestation is a process which normally falls under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. Normally, a death certificate is a formal record which proves that person is dead by a hospital authority and signed by a qualified doctor. Death certificate attestation is mandatory for obtaining any financial documents.

Documents required to obtain Death Certificate Apostille:

• Passport copy

• Original death certificate

Experience Certificate

Apostille certification provided to an experience certificate is known as Experience certificate apostille. An experience certificate is a formal document provided by a company/ organization after completing his/ her employment service in their company/ organization. Experience certificate attestation helps in giving a clear picture of their experience in their particular field. In most of the cases, Experience Certificate from the previous company is mandatory for the confirmation of their designation and experience in the role they had with the previous company.

Contents of an Experience Certificate:

1. Role & Designation

2. Name of employee

3. Date of joining and date of resignation

4. Remarks regarding the works of the employee

5. Salary of the employee

6. Seal or signature of the company

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

PCC- Police Clearance Certificate, is a legal letter provided by the country where you have been living for the past six months. This helps in understanding the past activity of that person. It is the official declaration judging the criminal record of the applicant. The police clearance certificate is required in performing many fields. It identifies the complete history of the applicant before the officials.

Purpose of Police Clearance Certificate:

1. To open a business abroad

2. For joining a foreign university

3. It required for obtaining job

4. To relocate in other another country

5. For obtaining a visa from the destination country

School Leaving Certificate Attestation

School Leaving Certificate attestation is mandatory in every situation. It is a legal document which proves the basic schooling has been completed by the applicant. Documents needed for acquiring the school leaving certificate are as follows:

1. Original school leaving certificate

2. Photocopy of passport

Medical Certificate

Medical certificate attestation is a process which confirms the verified medical certificate of the applicant issued by the authorized body mentioned in the stamp and signature are correct. Medical attestation is required in almost every country. It is also needed for other benefits and license renewal in many of the countries.

Driving License Attestation

The driving license apostille is done if one cannot attest their Driving License from their respective state home department and when they need it to be attested from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents required for driving license attestation are:

1. Driving Licence

2. Passport Copy

Bank statements Attestation

Bank statement attestation is done in order to prove one's financial status. Also, it has various other advantages in showing their previous payslip etc. Normally it gets attested from Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents required for Bank statement Attestation are:

1. Original Bank Statement

2. Passport copy