HRD Attestation

Human Resource Development (HRD) Attestation is recognized as the first stage of attestation processes for Educational Documents. It is performed by the concerned states HR ministry. For Example, for educational certificates from Kerala, it’s executed from Norka offices. HRD attestation is compulsory in performing MEA attestation. HRD attestation is done mainly to prove the authenticity of the educational documents by the concerned State or Union Territory.

Purposes of HRD attestation:

• For obtaining MEA Attestation/Apostille.

• For attesting your educational documents by the Embassy

• For migration purposes.

• To obtain a work permit abroad.

• For visa purposes.

Documents required for doing HRD attestation:

• Original certificate.

• Passport copy.

HRD attestation will provide an added value to the immigration process and the later processes to be cleared when you are in a foreign country.