Commercial Documents

Certificate of Incorporation

This attestation of the certificate of incorporation is done to confirm that the certificate has been issued by the concerned department who has been authorised to issue the certificate.The department who issued your certificate is responsible for the issue of the certificate of incorporation too. Certificate of Incorporation attestation is done in order to confirm that the certificate has been issued by the mentioned department.The certificate of incorporation is to be attested by chamber of commerce.

Documents required for Certificate of Incorporation Attestation are:

1. Original Certificate of Incorporation

2. Clear Passport Copy

Articles of Association Attestation

Article of Association certificate attestation confirms that the certificate has been issued by the mentioned department.

Documents required for Article of Association Attestation are:

1. Original Article of Association Certificate

2. Clear Passport Copy

Memorandum of Association Attestation

Memorandum of Association Attestation confirms that the certificate is issued by the respective department and no manipulation is done in the submitted certificate which will be initially attested by Chamber of Commerce and attested by Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents required for Memorandum of Association Attestation are:

1. The original memorandum of association

2. Clear passport copy

Board Resolution Document Attestation

The Board of Resolution Documents attestation confirms the authenticity of the issued document. Mainly the document attestation process is carried out through the Chamber of Commerce and by Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents required for Board Resolution Document Attestation are:

1.Original Board of Resolution Document

2.Clear Passport copy

Packing List Attestation

Packing list attestation deals with the document which includes the description of quantity & weight of the shipment. This is a kind of attestation by the authority approving that the goods in the shipment are genuine.

Documents required for Packing List Attestation are:

1. Commercial Invoice

Export Invoice Attestation

Export Invoice Attestation is an authentic proof of representing an Export Invoice is genuine. An export invoice is issued at the time of shipment of goods. It normally contains the shipper & receiver information also the unit value of the goods carried.

Shipping documents Attestation

Shipping Document Attestation is proof needed for hassle-less shipping of goods. This document contains the detailed list of items the shipment is containing. It is mandatory to carry an attested shipment document to enter another country limits.

Chemical analysis report Attestation

The chemical analysis report attestation is the process to ensure the authenticity of the documents. Alhind's wide network/ reach ensures you that no money & time has been wasted in fetching a chemical analysis report attestation even at your absence.